Allen Samson

Allen Samson

Chapter 1 Description

The newest apprentice of a small but prestigious magical order.

Chapter 1 Stats

Covertly d10
Directly d6
for Myself d6
for Others d8
with Love d12
with Violence d4

Chapter 1 Particular Strength

The Blessing of Luminiferous Guise

Description: That which is seen is now unseen. It may still be felt, smelled, and heard, but light flows through it as though it were the clearest of glass.

Effect: The wielder of this arcane force can turn himself or things within eyesight invisible, at least (as Allen knows it) for a short time and with concentration.

Significance: Potent (d10 die size)

Stats: [PC] Covertly, [NPC] Self-protection

Chapter 1 Best Interests

  • I want Aunt Elena to forsake her past oaths
  • I want Quintus to choose me as Favored Pupil

Chapter 2 Description

A wizard seeking solace in lands far from home.

Chapter 2 Particular Strength


Description: I blight living tissue with a thought.

Effect: Organic matter begins to rot as though affected by a wasting, leprous disease.

Significance: Consequential (threatens directly)

Stats: [PC] Directly, [NPC] Action

Chapter 2 Best Interests

  • to earn Qatran's forgiveness
  • to kill the harvest god
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