S7S Game Current Plot Threads
  • Nero has an impending appointment with Baron Deland to receive information regarding his father. Deland had previously challenged Nero to a duel, claiming that Jacob Estherson was responsible for his physical infirmities, and that he wished vengeance upon the son now that the father was gone. Deland's prize galleon met with the Century Eagle in a ship duel and lost, and the information was promised to Nero as part of the terms of victory.
  • The ship's cook, Lara, has been possessed by seven spirits of House Fausti, a minor Barathi house that wishes vengeance against a betrayer from within the family, Franco Fausti. Unfortunately, Franco was killed in the aforementioned assassination attempt against Captain Arturo, but that is not enough for the ghosts - now they want vengeance against those who robbed them of the opportunity for revenge! They have enlisted Arturo's aid in this matter, promising him the location of the legendary treasure they were seeking when they were betrayed - the famous Lost Crown of Kroy.
  • A mysterious stranger, constantly hooded, has appeared and taken Nero on as a pupil, claiming a desire to finish his teachings and allow him to ascend to archkoldun status. This stranger's moral compass seems off, though, and his complete motives are as yet unknown. At times he seems willing to openly assist the crew, and at other times, he withdraws to let actions play out as they will. Is he just playing his cards close to the chest, or is something sinister afoot?
  • The church of Vaoz recently held a very large summit at Hazad's behest, bringing members of all nations to Agua Azul to have a Grand Arbitration, allowing the Church to help negotiate several disputes at once, over diverse matters of economy and politics. Artemis believed something sinister was afoot and went to investigate, but was unfortunately caught in the attempt, barely managing to escape with the aid of his companions. The matter seems to have reached a dead-end, but Artemis is not willing to let it lie… why was the Church holding such an uncharacteristically ornate gathering, and what was Hazad's goal in gathering all the nations together at one time?
  • The characters have recently defeated a mysterious double impersonating Captain Arturo, who had been terrorizing the Skies for months and building up a reputation for Arturo as a heartless sociopath. After winning back their stolen ship from him and putting him in irons, a mysterious thing happened - he melted away before he could be interrogated. This prompted Lara-not-Lara to identify the double as "a man consigned to death despite himself" and hint at the presence of a curse placed on all those seeking the Lost Crown of Kroy… the Mark of the Crown. So far, she claims that only Ship's Gunner Nazzar is free of the Mark. Who is responsible for creating and/or enchanting the double, and what consequences await those bearing the Mark?
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