Edwin Volker

Edwin Volker

Chapter 3 Description

A gladiator, murderer of both enemies and friends (also, murderer of the widower's wife)

Chapter 3 Stats

Covertly d10 (reduced to d8)
Directly d6
For myself d8
For others d6 (reduced to d4)
With love d4
With violence d12 (reduced to d10)

Chapter 3 Particular Strength

The Touch of Death

Description: Volker's touch, whether by hand or through arms, is the doom of men. He has relied on this sorcerous trick to secure his career as a gladiator even into middle age.

Effect: The person opposing Volker will find that the fates simply do not favor them; things go wrong, they make mistakes, they very likely die at his hand.

Significance: Broad

Stats: [PC] Covertly / For myself

Chapter 3 Best Interests

  • to retire from his life of violence before a younger man proves his better
  • to finally lay Anna's spirit to rest
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