NPC Roster

Major NPCs

Vapash - Ruler of the city-state of Thuul, recently deposed by the Council of High Lords

Saud - Vapash's former Chief of War, leader of the revived Scarlet Fist

al-Ghoulah, the Crone - Mentor of al-Khitam, possible founder of the Order of the Key

Lazarus of Thuul - High-ranking noble and arcanist, technically deceased, son of Wadi

al-Nahid - High-class courtesan in the wealthy district of Thuul, slave of Wadi, sister of al-Khitam

Crow - Brother of Saud, scavenger and treasure hunter

Supporting NPCs

Wadi - Father of Lazarus and Imad, Chief of Wealth to the Council of High Lords, master arcanist

Nida - Wife of Wadi, mother of Lazarus and Imad

Pork - Owner of Pork's Place, a centrally located tavern in the poor districts of Thuul

Lady Baheera - High Lord of Thuul, currently de facto ruler of the Council

Yasmine - Younger sister of Crow and Saud, current master smith of Abram's forge

Abram - Father of Crow, Yasmine, and Saud, former member of the Scarlet Fist

Sarai - Mother of Crow, Yasmine, and Saud, wife of Abram

Amir - Elder of the Scarlet Fist

Haji - Peasant healer in Thuul

Saleh - Village elder in the city of Amund-ha.

Qadir - Minor court arcanist

Green Ghost - Intelligent, self-willed possessor spirit inhabiting the city of Amund-ha.

The Keepers - Two other women in service to the Order, commonly mistaken for al-Khitam

Yusuf - Chief among the followers of Lazarus

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