S7S Game Non-Player Characters

The NPCs here are listed with their known or "public" Fortes only; many of them might have full character sheets that will be listed when that information becomes public knowledge in the campaign.

The Crew of the Century Eagle

Louis, Ship's First Mate - Good [+2] Colronan Royalist, Good [+2] Sky Pirate

Alfonse, Ship's Purser - Good [+2] Barathi, Good [+2] Profession: Merchant

Silent Pete, Sailing Master - Good [+2] Ilwuzi, Expert [+4] Sailing Master

Katya, Master of Arms - Good [+2] Viridese, Good [+2] Mercenary

Lara, Ship's Cook - Master [+6] Hawt, Good [+2] Profession: Cook, Expert [+4] Gift of the Basilisk (Temporarily possessed by the Spirits of House Fausti, giving her a custom Gift of the Vulture at Expert [+4])

Geoffrey, aka Buckwheat, Cabin Boy - no known Fortes

Major or Recurring NPCs

Timofei Alfredson, Nero's foster father - Master [+6] Archkoldun (Gifts: all)

Charles Charleson, Baron of Deland - Physically Crippled (Foible), Good [+2] Colronan Royalist, Expert [+4] Aristocrat, Expert [+4] Skyship Captain

Higgins Boswellson, chief servant of the Deland Estate - Expert [+4] Butler

Virtutoir Hazad the Intricate - Good [+2] Colronan Zultanista, Expert [+4] Priest, Master [+6] Politics

The Seven Vengeful Spirits of House Fausti - Expert [+4] Gift of the Vulture

Minor NPCs

Captain Tiberius, semi-retired pirate

Captain Lavira Narrows, semi-retired pirate and rival of Tiberius

Wazim Eshi, Hazad's personal bodyguard

Parinod Gindace, merchant fop of Crail

Esther Gindace, Parinod's wife

Francisco Garrickson, Colronan noble and purveyor of "gentleman's wagers"

Beatrice, Crailese waitress

Claudio, clerk at the Barathi embassy in Agua Azul on Crail

Antoni Stephanos, Barathi noble

Spinwitovich Bernard, deceased captain of the shipping vessel Black Qilin

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