Open Plot Threads

The Rehabilitation of Nahid: Can Khitam restore her sister to her old self, or will her memories be gone forever?

The Sword of Rending: Who took the sword from Crow's safehouse? Where is it now? Who informed the guards to lie in wait? Who will recover it? Why do Fahid's mysterious attackers want it? Who is the arcanist that leads them in combat, blurring his image in the physical realm?

The Rehabilitation of Thuul: Why is the drug supply in the city entirely cut off? Is there a cure for its effects? Who would know how to formulate that cure? Will everyone really die without it?

Questions of Faith: What was the Crone thinking about… well, everything? What will it take to alter the Contract?

A Coup in Progress: What will happen to Saud, now that Vapash has split the loyalties of the Scarlet Fist? Will the rebellion disintegrate under the weight of infighting? Who are the mysterious attackers who tried to kill Saud and Fahid? Who are they working for? Do they represent yet another faction in the conflict for order in Thuul?

Oppression: What will become of the arrested villagers? Can they be freed and returned to their fields before their families starve? How will Lazarus represent them at court?

The Beast: The object of Fahid's revenge is in the palace. Can he find the Beast and kill it without dying himself?

Nobility: Lazarus has recently acquired his noble title again. What will he do with his newfound power?

The Haunted Palace: Who killed the two court pages? Was arcanism involved? Is the Crone really the Keeper of the Palace, and if so, where has she been? What is the strange soul energy that floods the palace, and how did it get there? Will Khitam be able to obtain the vengeance she has promised the ghosts? Who is behind Baheera's sudden rise to power?

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