The Past

In mid-2005, the world's greatest investigative clearinghouse for the supernatural was winked out of existence. Charles Richard Burton, founder of the Burton Foundation, perished when the bargain he had made for power came due. In 1932, he had taken on part of the essence of Yog-Sothoth, a small fragment of power from a partial manifestation of the Outer God. Caught with no choice, he and his companions forestalled the being's invasion of Earth by bargaining to hold on to this power until a more ideal time could be prepared for its arrival.

Burton had lied. After the God departed, Burton used this power to amass material wealth and the network of connections necessary to create his Foundation - a gathering of people from all nations, dedicated to rooting out and exterminating all threats from Beyond. His field agents scoured the globe, investigating even the most obscure possibilities of supernatural influence, bringing them to light, and putting them to the sword, the flame, and even the mortar when necessary. They defied all normal authorities to achieve this, and yet somehow managed to avoid suffering for it. The agents thought this was due to Burton's genius, when it was really his dark power, subtly twisting reality to allow his agenda to go unchecked.

But this had been part of the God's plan. The more Burton used his power to hold his great Foundation together, the more it weakened the barriers of reality, and the easier it made Yog-Sothoth's efforts to undo the barriers separating him from this dimension. Eventually, agents of the God, led by one of Burton's original companions who had been twisted by the dark power, attempted to create a gate by which to bring the God through.

The final stand of the Burton Foundation took place at the threshold of this gate, in a mountain cave in Peru. Ironically, in proving able to feed the dark power back through the gate and close it down, Burton's own premiere team of field agents spelled his doom. With the power gone, nothing was left to sustain his unnatural lifespan, and he quickly crumbled to dust.

The fall of the Foundation was swift afterward. Accounts mysteriously dried up. Agents in the field disappeared, were killed or arrested, or simply stopped receiving instructions from the central headquarters in London. Shipments were lost, and property was repossessed as various debts appeared. Within 5 years, the central headquarters had been abandoned, and nothing was left of the Foundation but scattered groups of its former field agents.

The Present

Despite this calamity, many of the Foundation's municipal chapters remain operational. No longer able to operate internationally, they have turned inward to focus on the threats in their proverbial backyards. No longer able to rely on the vast wealth and connections of the central headquarters, they have begun scrounging for supplies and arms any way they can, establishing their own networks of contacts and resources. No longer able to hide behind the legal protection afforded by the Foundation, they have become more subtle and focused in their pursuits. Cut off from their vast information network, they take on threats both mundane and supernatural, always keeping watch for evidence of things from Beyond.

And they are needed now more than ever, as the world slowly recovers from the damage done to space and time around it. Weakened by Yog-Sothoth's assault, the dimensional barriers shudder with strain as other beings seek to take advantage of the scars that the God's passing have left behind. The influence of Hastur creeps like a plague of madness, hidden in the lines of books, in swirls of music. Along the coasts of continents, the Deep Ones move, bolder than they have ever been. In the primeval forests, the Mi-Go furiously pursue their experiments, pushing toward unknown ends. And, as though they are aware of these things, more and more humans despair, turning to the forbidden texts of old for answers when drugs and self-help slogans fail them.

Now is the time when Earth needs defenders to stand between the planet and the void. Now is the time of Aftermath.

The Future


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