Setting Details

Color Details

Melange of American Gothic and anime-style technofantasy, no firearms, gaslights, horse-powered transport, no heavy industry

Magic / Magical Order

Magic is a kind of high science wrested from the hands of technological(?) god-beings put in place by people called the Precursors, in order to control the world during the last dark age. Mankind eventually discovered the secrets of magic and disproved that the gods were really gods. Civilization is magical yet atheistic.

Magic has a weird tech-bent, known groups are the Artificers and the Alchemists, each divided into different colleges and sects

Laws and Customs

A person comes of age at 18 and is not legally capable of receiving deeds or title until that time.

The Old Gods

Complex magical devices enchanted to regulate aspects of life, operate from static nodes planted in the ground, contain an independent essence that can inexplicably bond with specific crystalline and organic structures

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