S7S Game Setting Details and Miscellaneous Information

The Lost Crown of Kroy

The Lost Crown is as much a legend as an actual thing, and not a Crown at all - rather, it's considered to be "enough riches to rule a kingdom", lost to the World when Kroy fell. Opinions surrounding its location and nature are predictably vast - some say it lies in the center of the Sky of Fire, on the island of Telanrem (because that's always a popular place to put unfindable things) or below the Blue, waiting for a worthy soul to brave the perils of such environments and find it. Others claim that it is on a mysterious cloud island that is protected by Lost Kroy's most lethal and terrible magics. Still others claim that the Crown is a curse placed on the greedy souls who would sacrifice everything to find it, a mystical expression of Kroy's downfall that consumes the hearts of lesser people.

Whatever the case, it is certain that anyone who could lay claim to it would be a legend among the Skies for generations to come.

The Dragon's Sprint

We elaborated on the details of the Sprint in our game, deciding that it was a way of making the run from Ilwuz to Crail, but projecting the course such that it takes you through the Sky of Fire at a certain depth. Performance is measured by how long your ship can remain in the Sky of Fire before heat damage forces you to leave it, so higher times are better. Sometimes performance is also measured on the length of the total distance cut through the Sky of Fire, because there aren't enough things in the universe inspired by the Kessel Run.

Because of this, alchemists and koldun who can create fire-shielding for ships are prized among certain skysailors, and can make a premium on providing that service.

The Gift of the Vulture

This gift is basically an inversion of the Gift of the Unicorn, a foul and corrupted power possessed by restless spirits and the walking dead, as well as some necromancers who study it. It works basically like the Unicorn, but with a dark twist: any beneficial applications can only be gained at the expense of another's harm. Healing requires that an equal amount of harm in Damage Ranks to be done to another first, usually by directly draining the person's life force via an attack.

In addition, the "healing" energies brought by this gift are tinged with the foulness of the dead. Living subjects who benefit from this power too often are deformed, sickly, and misshapen in appearance, even if they are technically healthy. There is no way to conceal the corrupting influence of the Vulture. It is said that powerful Vultures can raise the dead, but that this doesn't really result in the subject returning to life, but rather existing as a zombified mockery of itself.

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