Skill List


Arcanism - perform arcana, research arcana
Mysteries - supernatural knowledge, supernatural research, supernatural perception
Scholar - knowledge, research, first aid, languages


Alertness - notice things, avoid surprise
Read Motives - social defense, assess aspects
Search - investigate things, assess aspects


Art - create art, art knowledge, social attack
Craft - build things, repair things, sabotage


Athletics - movement (climb, jump, run), physical defense
Endurance - health bonus, resist poison and fatigue
Might - breaking objects, lifting, feats of strength


Burglary - casing, breaking and entering, disable devices
Sleight of Hand - pickpocket, stage magic, distraction
Stealth - hiding, sneaking, ambush


Contacting - gather info, plant rumors, social alertness
Deceit - social attack or defense (lie), deflect read motives
Intimidation - social attack (threat), interrogation
Leadership - bureaucracy, administration, command
Rapport - social attack or defense (emotional appeal)
Resolve - composure bonus, resist provocation, social defense


Gambling - playing games of chance, spotting cheats
Ride - stunts, chases
Survival - animal rapport, camouflage, hunt and scavenge


Bows - ranged physical attack, archery knowledge
Blades - physical attack and defense, thrown blades, weapon knowledge
Fists - physical attack and defense, martial arts knowledge
Hafted - physical attack and defense, thrown hafted weapons, weapon knowledge
Polearms - physical attack and defense, thrown polearms, weapon knowledge

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