Exertion Skills

Athletics - running, jumping, climbing, evasion, throwing

Endure - surviving exposure and damage

Might - unarmed combat, feats of focused strength

Shoot - using a tool of some kind in ranged combat

Wield - using a tool of some kind in close combat

Interaction Skills

Cool - personal charisma, composure, sanity defense

Deceive - influencing people by lying or cheating them

Intimidate - influencing or provoking people through the threat of harm

Persuade - influencing people through logic or emotional appeal

Will - surviving mental and emotional trauma

Learning Skills

Contacting - discovering facts through people, knowing people

Empathy - reading people, sensing and understanding motives

Mythos - awareness of the true nature of reality, required for magic use

Notice - alertness, reflexive perception

Search - investigation and research

Calling Skills

Administrate - management and bureaucratic knowledge

Drive - proficiency with motor vehicles and urban navigation

Expression - composition and performance art

Larceny - filching, breaking and entering, casing

Repair - build things, fix things, break things down

Resources - wealth and available credit

Scholar - basic academic knowledge

Stealth - hiding, sneaking around, ambushing

Survival - hunting, tracking, animal handling

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