Stunt Creation

The guidelines for creating a stunt are very simple. In short, a stunt does one of three things:

  • Adds a function to a skill that it does not possess by default as listed above, including those possessed by other skills. (Example: Doctor – You can use the Scholar skill to heal physical consequences and diagnose/treat disease.)
  • Extends an existing function of a skill by an effect roughly equivalent to +2 (or two shifts) on a roll under a certain circumstance. (Example: Siegecraft – Your Craft skill also includes specialized instruction in the making and unmaking of siege weapons. You operate at two time increments faster than normal when you’re using Craft skill to build or repair a siege engine, such as a catapult or ballista.)
  • Breaks one game rule for a certain skill under a certain circumstance. (Example: Crack Shot -You can use your Bows skill to fire any bow or crossbow one zone further than it would normally be effective.)

A stunt might cost additional stunt "slots" if it affects more than one skill, or the circumstances in which it applies are sufficiently broad. (Example: Focused Strength (3 slots) - You've trained to make the most of your exceptional brawn. If your Might exceeds that of your enemy, add +1 stress to any successful combat hit with Fists, Blades, Hafted, or Polearms.)

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